King Voxel

Do you wish for the golden days of the original Nintendo Entertainment System and the Atari 2600? If your calling is in retro gaming, then check out King Voxel, Lecker Klecker’s upcoming debut release. King Voxel is an exciting action-packed adventure game inspired by classics such as The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Adventure on the Atari2600.

Developed by Phillip Meyer, King Voxel is a PC Zelda-inspired rogue-like indie RPG game, where dungeons, randomization of the map levels, and the like is key to the experience. Each time you play this game, the map is generated in a distinctively new way, and so the gaming experience is always fresh.

The premise is as explicit adventure game as you can get. The land of Voxelot, King Voxel’s kingdom, is taken over by fearsome foes. And King Voxel has an issue. The evil Lord Hellion has kidnapped his beloved queen. Most kings would opt to sit on their throne and make orders to have the knights take care of the problem. Well, this isn’t the case with King Voxel who has chosen to venture forth and deal with the issue himself. With sword drawn, and kingly crown glued to his head, it’s up to the King to conquer his enemies, rescue his monarch-in-distress and take back his realm. What a brave guy! No wonder they chose to name a game after him.

The gameplay follows the typical traditional pattern; The progress is one quest at a time, and the King sometimes searches for specific items, while other times he simply goes all-out on his foes until only King Voxel himself is left standing. Shops can be visited in between quests so as to purchase new items & equipment. According to the official website a fortune teller was added in to aid progress as a hint-giver.

Like any RPG, the game includes a bunch of weapons, infinite treasures to be discovered, and a wealth of monstrous enemies to defeat. What stands out the most as regards to this fantasy game is the world generator. King Voxel features infinite quests along with a “quest generator,” that will randomly alter quests, items and the world itself, all for your vanquishing pleasure. With a completely randomized gaming experience, no 2 playthroughs will be the same. Besides, the questing capacity dial is fully turned up to infinity. One moment you could find yourself facing a monstrous jumping spider, the next moment a disembodied skull of doom. Certainly, any King worth his mettle will always be ready for anything – even if it’s psychedelic-pink pig monsters!

Besides the random quest generation feature allowing for essentially infinite replay- value, the other key innovation of this RPG game is the unique cell-shaded 8-bit pixelated graphics which just look delightful. Dynamic camera controls have greatly reduced navigational frustration. Inspiration from the classics has crept up in virtually every facet of this game, including its exploration/adventure and combat-focused gameplay.

As awesome a prospect as this is for the persons playing the game, it sounds as if it could be horribly tiring for the King. King Voxel may be royalty, but no one-man can complete infinite quests. That could be bad news for King Voxel and his Queen; the lack of closure means that the Kingdom will never really be completely free of villainous invaders. Such is the real life of a virtual ruler. Luckily, King Voxel also appears to incorporate a healthy sense of humor, between the neon-bright cartoonish-graphics and odd character cast, so often missing from more gritty-modern action-adventure games.